Cooking is our passion at Selah Inn.  Together, Bonnie and her assistant Vicki have been creating fantastic feasts for large and small gatherings.  To spread the fun around, we instituted Culinary Workshops at the Inn that have been enjoyed by many over the years.  A minimum of 8 attendees pay $55 to receive new ideas, techniques and recipes in a 3 hour format.  Some of the workshops have centered on holiday entertaining, cooking with herbs, creating and presenting appetizers,  soups and bread, seafood, Italian food….the list goes on.

Also available are Overnight Stay and Cooking School Packages.  Again, a minimum of 4 are required for the school.  Students arrive at 1:30 pm, check in to their guestroom and attend class that afternoon.  Food that has been prepared at the cooking school is incorporated into the served dinner that evening.  The charge is $85 per person for the cooking school and dinner, plus the room rate.

Looking for a perfect wedding gift?  A Cooking School and Dinner for Two is a wildly popular offering at $150.